The Divine Harvest


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This book of revelation is set to the tone of our modern reality of women’s success and to help guide a new generation of faithful and loyal people to keep the course and believe in the Lord. Outlined as a reward for faithfulness and loyalty, it is clearly structured to provide enlightened understanding in the dark place on the mind and to show all men that God rewards faithfulness. It fans into flames the gift of God in us as children of God and minimizes the critic that induces the fear of failure as a poison pill with the fears of the future. This classical work is full of historical references, written not about individual success, such as the stalwart divas of Oprah Winfrey or Mary Kay, it sets up a global tent and provides critique of the struggles, violence, fears that global woman faces in pursuing with determination the will of God. It samples the global community and provides as to where oppression still is the name of the game but victory over the enemy is always guaranteed to the faithful. As a commissioned work, its overall mandate is to make clear that “Over the last forty years, the modern phenomenon of the rise of Soft Cover $12.95 Hard Cover $28.95 ISBN 1-889448-28-1 successful women into places and positions of leadership has its direct connection to God and no one else, who has harvested them and change their status life”. This work will reform society’s thinking and outlook into the future.

The Divine Harvest by Michael Lattiboudeaire, (The Great House Publishing, Inc., ISBN 1-889448-28-1 soft cover $12.95, Paperback 1-889448-28-1Hardcover $28.95) Product Code: DSW112285 Category: HISTORY, SUCCESS, FAMILY, INSPIRATIONAL, RELIGION

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