Love, Sex & Success


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This juicy and racy book co-opts the ideas that Napoleon Hill advances in his work, “Think and Grow Rich”. Set out as common denominators for success, we will soon discover that they work succinctly and when fine tuned they become as the three fold cord that is not easily broken. Rich in affection, the proper expression of these powerful stimuli for success helps to refresh our creative faculties, connects us with divine intelligence and renews us for innovative creativity and ultimate success. Most believe that this book should have been some salacious write of the juicy topic of love and sexual in a carnal manner, not so, I did not set out to deal with the topic as a carnal feel or a novel idea rather as the fuller understanding of the power train of these pillars and foundations for fulfillment, happiness and success. Pursued as an intelligent understanding the work moved fast from intellectual brightness to spiritual reality.

Love, Sex & Success, by Michael Lattiboudeaire, (The Great House Publishing, Inc., ISBN 1-889448- 42-7 Paperback $12.95, Softcover $18.95, Hardcover $21.95) Product Code: LSS772898 Category: SEXUALITY, RELIGION, INSPIRATIONAL, CURRENT AFFAIRS

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